"Thy Word is Truth" -John 17:17

About Truth Baptist Church 


Truth Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church located in West Salem, Ohio.  Our church facilities are located on a beautiful 20+ acre campus which includes open tabernacles and a lake (see below). We are easily accessible from many areas such as Ashland, Lodi, Medina and Cleveland. Truth Baptist Church is located off of I-71 at exit 196.   

There are more than 15,000 independent Baptist churches in America and at least 10,000 independent Baptist missionaries serving on mission fields worldwide.

Every independent Baptist church is an autonomous congregation. We are self- governing and self-supporting. The head of the church is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is our sole authority for faith and practice. It is our desire to be a truly New Testament church.

At Truth Baptist Church, though we have one message-the message of the Lord Jesus Christ, and one ministry-the ministry He has given us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, the church is also the home of several other ministries.


Aerial View of Truth Baptist Church

Our property includes:
(2) open-air tabernacles,  football/baseball field,
playground and private lake.

Upcoming Events

  • April 19

    Missionary Jerry Collins
    10:30 AM

    Our missionaries to Mexico, Jerry & Marty Collins will be with us in the morning worship service.

  • April 22

    Missionary Steve Stone
    7:00 PM

    Our missionary to the Far North regions of North America will be preaching in the mid-week service.

  • April 28

    North Central Ohio Baptist Fellowship
    9:00 AM

    Our church will host the April meeting of the NCOBF. Breakfast served at 9:00 with a preaching service to follow. All preachers and missionaries welcome.

  • May 10

    Kingston Nursing Home
    2:15 PM

    Join us as we minister through song and preaching to the residents of Kingston of Ashland.

  • May 17

    Church-Wide Lunch
    10:30 AM

    Everyone welcome to join us for this meal following the morning worship service. The men will prepare and serve the meal while giving the ladies a rest!

  • June 15 - 19

    Vacation Bible School
    6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

    VBS nightly with Commencement on Friday at 7:00 p.m. Transportation available. Contact office to arrange pick-up.

  • June 20

    Men's Day Picnic

    Fishing tournament and cook-out at our private lake and pavilion. Contact office for more information.

  • June 25

    West Salem Town & Country Fair

    Our church will participate in the parade and will distribute gospel tracts and Bibles.

  • September 20

    Missionary Mike Drust
    10:30 AM

    Our missionary to Albania will join us for the morning worship service to give report on the ministry.

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